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Printindo Mega Utama, pt - was established on year 2006᳥d on the original parent company Multi Printindo Megatama, pt詣h established in 1999. The new subsidiary was created due to a different focus from one of the original founders of the parent company. The intent of both companies is to offer Stationery Products of excellent quality for export market. These products are from paper stock and finished paper stationery products made at our Indonesian manufacturing facilities.

Medium size company and our market focus is to offer excellent quality paper stationery products with very competitive pricing and timely delivery. Our staff includes people with great expertise in printing, design and finishing. As such this guarantee a product of excellent quality with competitive prices, which will assure a strong long term business relationship with our customers.

Using 100% Indonesia made paper & packaging material and offer custom designs and specification of our products. Our company offers great expertise in handling and packaging of items used for retails consumption. Our company offers highly competitive labor costs that are of great benefit to our customers.

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